Saturday, 11 June 2011


Recently I have picked up my knitting needles again and started knitting. I have learnt how to use a circular needle with the help of You Tube, and how to do a magic cast on method, also with the help from You Tube! It did make me wonder how my grandmother learnt to knit and new techniques. Well, they were taught by their elders, be it sisters, mothers, aunts and grans. Me, I was taught the basics by my lovely mum and nanna, but techy stuff they have not sat beside me and I have had to be self taught. I am lucky, I can read a pattern easily and can work out that something is right or not. My failure is that I never do a tension square! However in my hobby knitting this is not too much of a problem for me, I like knitting small things: phone covers, e-reader cosys, tea cosys and little toys. I crochet granny square knee blankets, using different combinations to get different patterns. I have knitted cardies and jumpers, but I get bored with them! I do have a crochet square blanket half made, it is lovely colours but made from small squares and I am bored with the 'smallness' of the squares! So, I may alter my design and link them together earlier than planned. It was started with the intention of it being a half blanket for our bed. That is the thing, I see the wool and think "ooooh! that will make a lovely ***** "and buy the wool to have it sitting for ages half done!

How to knit in the round - knitpicks.

Magic cast on!

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