Monday, 20 June 2011



Today I am not very well, I have a sore throat and no voice! Not good for my job in a school as a classroom assistant! So I have spent the day at home, playing on Facebook and Ravelry, and now here! I have uploaded my phone and ereader cosy patterns, also the recipe for some lovely soup I have made!

I am currently knitting a condom critter. How about that? I was given a pattern book from a friend as a belated birthday gift, the book is called Naughty Needles, and it is a bit naughty! Now, this friend will have a laugh...I am making the condom critter for her! He is owl like, with a front pocket (for the condoms) and a hidden compartment for something else to go in! Will let you know more when it is finished and how my friend likes it!

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