Sunday, 26 June 2011

What a weekend!

Firstly, hello to my follower!!! Welcome to my world! 
Now, my weekend! What a time I have had! Friday night I went out for a meal with my girl friends. There are eight of us that dine out every four weeks, just having a chat and a catch up. We go by the name of BWC (Better Wives Club!) as we all got to know eachother through our other halves. They are now my lovely friends. A few of us socialise with our hubbys too. Wouldnt swap our friendships with them for anything, they are true mates who pick you up when you are down and celebrate with you when you are celebrating! So, we had a lovely Asian meal in a local retaurant, and will be going out again in four weeks time. 
Saturday was busy, my children (I have two, a girl aged 18 and a boy aged 13) go to dance school and it was their mid year concert tech rehersal at the theatre. Luckily it was only down the road! Anyhow, the girls have the use of their change rooms for the occasion but the boys use the foyer and the loos! In the evening hubby and I went out for a meal and then to a show that was part of the Adelaide Cabaret Fesival: we saw an Australian country singer in a show called Melinda Schnieder does Doris Day. It was awesome! She was fantastic! Supported by two lovely looking guys who helped her sing, dance and narrate the story of Doris Day. Well worth the money!
Today (Sunday) was concert day. So after a bad nights sleep, getting into bed at gone midnight then waking due to my cough it felt all through the night (voice still bad now developed a nasty tickley cough). I got brekky made, helped with hair and makeup and got them off to the theatre. Thankfully daughter can drive son! They did the first show at 11.00, including the little ones from Fairy Ballet, then the later show was at 4.00. We saw the later one! I love to see the little ones but they are so time consuming! Well, daughter did a lovely pointe dance with her class, then later we saw son and his class doing the tap routine to Greased Lightning! They were great! Daughter also did her contemporary and jazz dances, and son did hip hop and the drama kids did a version of Annie, with the younger jazz classes being the orphans. Son was Daddy Warbucks! Great show! Well, now after having dinner from the slowpot we are resting and watching tv. Going back to work tomorrow, probably will be knackered! However, no work = no pay, so I will be coughing my way round class! Take care! Laters!! x

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